Band history


There are only a few groups in Europe which, independently of the tastes of their audiences and the popularity of their music, have so long time maintained their direction of style.

The Jazz Band Ball Orchestra from Krakow, Poland, one of the most well-known European jazz formation, have taken this course.

In 1962 at the Music Academy of Krakow, a group of jazz-minded students got together and founded the Band. Since its foundation, the JBBO has followed its course of success.

The Band has been fully professional since 1972 and has played in almost every European country. From 1979 the group has played regularly at the greatest jazz spectacle in the world, the Jazz Jubilee in Sacramento, USA. Owing to its great success, the Group has been invited several times to Vancouver and Victoria in Canada and has played in Florida, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. In 1983 in Sacramento was founded the JBBO Fan Club.

In recent years the Band played at huge numbers of festivals, among others, again in Sacramento, Den Haag and Eindhoven (Holland), Marsiac and Luneray (France), Haugesund (Norway), Lichtenstein, Zurich, Luzern, Biel and Ascona (Switzerland) and had performed at many special events with Bill Ramsey, Silvia Droste and Stanley Breckenridge.

Their repertoire is very widely faced: music of L. Armstrong is the foundation of JBBO’s musical machinery. Satchmo’s tradition, Luceford-Goodman-Ellington’s type of swing, the pitch of boogie, elements of be-bop, echoes of the rhythm’n’blues, Latin fury all that well mixed up with edition of show and creative parody – this is the shortest definition of JBBO’s music which, in its fourth decade is applauded by fans from West and East.


Michał Bylica /trąbka, wokal/ od 2014

Jarosław Kaczmarczyk /klarnet, saksofon tenorowy, wokal/ od 2017

Marek Michalak /puzon, wokal/ od 1977

Wojtek Groborz /fortepian/ od 1987

Tolek Lisiecki /kontrabas/od 1968

Wiesiek Jamioł /perkusja/od 1999